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martes, 5 de septiembre de 2023

Your ATM Card is Ready

United Bank for Africa
Address:57 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Hours: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Attention: Sir/Madam.

This is to inform you that your US$15,000,000.00 ATM Card is approved
and ready for delivery to your doorstep, so to receive this
$15,000,000.00 ATM Card at your doorstep in 72 hours please reply this
email and reconfirm your full name, Address and Cell Phone Number.
The minimum amount that you can withdraw with the ATM Card is
US$5,000 and Maximum amount is US$50,000.00 on a daily basis.

The only thing required from you is to obtain your Non-Resident
Clearance Certificate which we are not asking you to pay the fee to us
here in United Bank for Africa (UBA). You are advised to obtain Your
so that our bank will affect immediate release of your ATM Card valued
US$15,000, 000, 00.

If you follow up our directives your ATM Card valued US$15,000, 000, 00
will be delivered to you within Three Bank working days from the day you
obtain this Certificate. Do not go through anybody again but through
this Bank if you really want your fund.

Your swift response is needed. Thanks for your cooperation.

Mr. Oliver Alawuba
Chief Officer Consumer Banking United Bank for Africa

martes, 22 de agosto de 2023

From Mr. Boris Danilovich


This is a repeat of my previous unanswered letter to you. I am Mr.
Boris Danilovich, investor and director of one of the leading oil
companies in Russia. Given the current economic sanctions that some
European countries with the United States of America have imposed on
Russia are having a significant impact on citizens .I am asking for
your help in raising and investing nine million five hundred thousand
US dollars on deposit with a financial institution in Canada on my
behalf. These investment funds could be deposited into your private
bank account for investment and also to avoid confiscation by the US

Please reply for more details.
Private email to contact:-
Mr. Boris Danilovich

lunes, 31 de julio de 2023 vendas

Address: Lebuh Light, George Town,
10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

How are you? my name is Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus, and I'm the Governor
of Bank Negara, we are contacting you regarding your IMF Compensation
fund ( $1.500.000 USD) which you
have not received and we have send several e-mail to you regarding
this fund which you have not responded and this will be the last
notice we are going to send to you about this fund, and if you don't
claim this fund now it will be cancelled.

The reason for this mail is to inform you that Bank Negara Malaysia,
are now in charge of transferring your fund into your account and you
have stopped any communication with another office regarding this

You are required to follow our instructions so that you will receive
your fund and you have only three days to claim this fund, Please
respond back so I can send you the details to get this process.

Thank you.
Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus,

lunes, 24 de julio de 2023

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martes, 27 de junio de 2023

From Mr. Alan Lambert

My Dear,

There's a DRC (Deposit Release Case) which is open in a Security and
vaults company because the owner is now deceased and there's no clear
next of kin to inherit the DRC valued at $10.3m.

As a financial consultant working with the Security and Vaults company, I
propose that we work together to clear the DRC deposit.

This is totally 100% risk-free and would be mutually beneficial.

That's all the detail I can divulge for now until I receive your
positive reply and I can expatiate further.
Mr. Alan Lambert

lunes, 26 de junio de 2023

Private And Confidential...BR-189-6

Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
Federal capital territory Office.
complex block A,area 11
P.M.B.135 Garki Abuja.Fct

Dear Friend

It is with trust and confidence that i write to make this urgent business proposal to you. I was assigned by two of my colleague to seek for a foreign partner who will assist us in providing a convenient foreign account in any designated bank abroad for the transfer of Fifty two million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars only pending on our arrival in your country for utilization and disbursement with the owner of the account.

This amount results from a deliberate inflation of the value of a contract awarded by our ministry, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture (F.M.A)to an expatriate company.the contract has been executed and payment made to the original contractor, remaining the over-invoiced amount of Fifty two million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars only, which we want to transfer the funds out the country in our favour for disbursement among ourselves. The transfer of this money can only be possible with the help of a foreigner who will be presented as the beneficiary of the fund.

As government officials, we are not allowed to operate foreign accounts, and this is the reason why we decided to contact you. We have agreed that if you/your company can act as the beneficiary of this fund (Fifty two million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars only)15% of the total sum will be for you for providing the account while 85% will be reserved for us.

We hereby solicit for your assistance in providing a convenient account number in a designated bank abroad where this fund would be transferred. We intend coming over there on the completion of this transfer to secure our own share of the money.

Please note that we have been careful and have made all arrangements towards the success and smooth transfer of the fund to your account before you. For security reasons and confidentiality of this transaction, we demand that you should not expose this proposal and the entire transaction to anybody.

We are putting so much trust in you with the hope that you would not betray us or sit on this money when it is finally transferred into your account. Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free. If this proposal is acceptable to you,indicate your interest by sending a email to us including your bank name & address, account number,telephone number.

Note: our president Muhammadu Buhari collaborated with Ibrahim Magu as the new EFCC chairman, Economic Financial Crime Commission, Mr.Ibrahim Magu to stop the junior ranks officers from transferring funds out of the country. He sent different Cublication to many countries in the world as propaganda to discourage all government Officials from transferring funds into an overseas account to avoid and save guides the countries economy.

Apparently, so that other government officials will not benefits from these( oil windfalls venture) where he has been a culprit alone with his aides. More details about this transaction will be given to you as soon as we receive your positive respond.

Note that the particular nature of your company's business is irrelevant to this transaction. if this transaction interests you, your urgent response will be appreciated.

In addition, there are some faceless beings in my country that are making use of top government official names to swindle money from innocent citizens around the globe and that includes my name. You can confirm by searching the name of our Central Bank of Nigeria Governor in person of Godwin Emefiele; you will see that his name is part of the scam list meanwhile we are innocent officials completely unaware of the situation happening of which after utilizing their names and profile, they will have uploaded on the internet in order to ruin their reputation making the citizens believe that the officials are corrupt.

Yours faithfully,

Dr.Ken Obiorah
Please SMS Me. +234-902-267-2074