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sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

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If you owe back taxes to the IRS or State, you have come to the right
"You Too Can Get Out From Under The Crushing Burden of IRS Debt FAST with
the 'Unfair Advantage' of a 'Swat Team' of IRS Debt Relief Specialists and
Seasoned Tax Attorneys On Your Side, Fighting For You!"

Tax debt negotiations are a very bad "do it yourself" project. Penalties
and interest can rack up faster than a bad credit card.
• Stop Being Bullied by The IRS!
• End IRS Wage Garnishments!
• Remove IRS Levies and Liens!
• IRS Debt Relief Up To 40-95%

Our experienced team will create distance between you and the taxing
authorities, giving you time to gather options, get back on track, AND
ensure you don't pay a penny more than you legally owe.

Business taxes
• 940 and 941 Payroll
• Missing or unfiled tax returns
• Bank levies
• 1058, CP 90, CP 91, and CP 504 levy enforcements
• Accounts Receivable garnishments
• Wage garnishments
• Tax lien issues
• 1099 issues
• Sole prop and business related taxes and filings
• Conflict with Revenue Officer

Personal taxes
• 1040 Personal Taxes
• Social Security garnishments
• Civil Penalties for Trust Fund
• Unfiled Tax Returns
• Sole prop and business related taxes and filings
• SFR - Substitution for Return (essentially the IRS files for you)
• Seizure of IRS or state tax refunds
• Tax lien issues
• Conflicts with Revenue Officer

IRS Tax Relief Options
Installment Agreements:
Offer in Compromise:
Partial Pay Installment Agreement:
Currently Not Collectible Status:
Corporate Shut Down:
Corporate Formation:

We represent a wide range of clients and situations with IRS and State tax
issues, in all 50 states.

• Businesses with one to several hundred employees
• Personal tax debts ranging from thousands to millions of dollars owed
• Non-profits and religious institutions

No problem too big or small
However complex or urgent your tax issue may be, our IRS Enrolled Agents
will help.
We strive to save our clients' money, time and stress.  Just as there
are many different tax related problems, there are many options for tax
Call us for a free consultation. 
All Negotiations ARE Handled for You!

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