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lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

Want to try new targeted advertising?

Hey there,

Not sure if you got my last email but wanted to touch base again. I was
wondering if you
wanted to try targeted digital advertising.
I can advertise your business on sites like CNN, ESPN, Forbes, Fortune,
AOL, MSN, and tons more.
This is Brand NEW Technology.

But it gets even better than that... I can choose who will see your your
ad, meaning your only
paying to get in front of people that fit the profile of your active
I can show ads to people that are currently shopping for your products or
services, based on their browsing history.
I can even target on things like:

-Income level
-Location/Zip codes
-Interests (such as online shopper, or active traveler, etc)
-Recent searches (we can define searches that relate to your business)

This type of advertising starts at around $500. If you're interested,
please reply back and
I'd be happy to look at your business and see how to best advertise it
online. Thanks,


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